Grace’s Graduation

Grace’s Graduation

Fall 2014

It was so much fun getting the chance to take Grace’s Senior pictures.  Grace and I have become very close over the past couple of years and I am super thankful for that.  She has an amazing heart to match that smile and eyes you see.  During the shoot we had our good friend Bekka come along for the ride, and she made sure to keep us laughing.  It was a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful friends, what more could a photographer ask for?!

Congrats to you, Grace, on graduation and finishing out your career as an Arkansas Razorback T&F/XC Athlete.  I am so proud of you and am excited to see what your future holds.  Good luck in grad school I know you will do great.


One response to “Grace’s Graduation”

  1. Thank you, Stephanie! You did a great job capturing the essence of Grace! Best wishes to you, too, in all your endeavors!


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