Allen and Cali

Allen and Cali

December 2014

Cali and I have been friends since 2009! We have always had so much in common and I can never stop laughing when I am with her.  I was beyond excited when I heard that Cali had gotten engaged to Allen!  As if this news wasn’t enough, a couple of days later I was asked to take their engagement pictures!

Last Saturday (December 13th, 2014) Cali and Allen were in town for Cali’s Bridal Shower, couples date night, and for the engagement pictures.  Since I have known Cali for over 5 years now, I knew this would be an exciting day packed with lots of energy.  Allen, who I don’t know as well, was also excited for the photos (especially the ones with the firefighter gear).  The day was just as I expected, energetic, loving, and a blast.  It was great getting to know Allen even more and seeing these two interact.  The loving bond between these two is electric and it shows in the photos!

Congrats to Allen and Cali! I am excited for the wedding and to watch your loving relationship continue to blossom over the years to come.

IMG_2091 IMG_2139  IMG_22172 IMG_21792IMG_2198

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