Taylor and Wesley’s Engagement Shoot

Taylor and Wesley’s Engagement Shoot

I am truly elated to share these pictures with you all! Taylor and Wesley came into the Razorback’s world last year as Taylor transferred from The University of Pittsburgh to Arkansas.  Wesley, who also ran and graduated from Pittsburgh, came with Taylor.  A year and a half later the two got engaged!  Once again, by the luck of being a Razorback Track Alum, I was asked to take their engagement photos.

I had so much fun watching these two in the moment!  The love they have for one another is contagious and kept my heart warm for hours.

Thank you Taylor and Wesley for the great shoot!  I hope you enjoy these photos. I am so excited for you two as you all take on the world together!

TW4bTW6cTW7b TW3bTW1bTW5b    TW15cTW13Tay and Wes

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