The Future Bartlett’s Engagement

The Future Bartlett’s Engagement

I am really excited to share these pictures with you all!  Now, this project was a little different than any of my past photo shoots.  I was asked by Will, the groom to be, to come and take photos while he proposed to his lovely girlfriend, Ashton.  Of course I accepted the offer to be their photographer for the night.  It was the beautiful night of March 7th 2015, and Will had set up every little detail to surprise Ashton with the proposal of her dreams.  He made sure her nails were done, the balcony where he would pop the question was perfectly arranged, her family and friends were across the street waiting to celebrate, and I was there to capture the moment.

Waiting for the couple to arrive seemed to take forever and then before I knew it, they were there.  Will did not waste any time, he was so anxious to make Ashton his forever, after all he had been planning this moment for months.  Of course. Ashton said yes! The two of them were so locked into the moment that it was as if I wasn’t even there snapping pics.

There wasn’t a moment during this photo shoot that I hadn’t been smiling, watching these two take the first step into their entire lives together was beautiful. Their love for one another was beaming so bright that I feel lucky to have even witnessed, let alone, photograph such a pure moment. I  hope you two enjoy these pictures and can use them to forever reflect on the night of your proposal.

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