Shad and Tiffany Engagement Photos

Hey y’all! I have some amazing photos of an amazing couple to share.  These images are a little overdue considering these two are already hitched!!!

Tiffany and I met back in 2009, since day one she has been a joy to be around.  I am really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to know such a caring and pure person like Tiff. Last year when I got word that Tiffany had found “the one”, I was thrilled for her and thought, ‘This is one lucky guy!’ I eventually met Shad and it was clear to see the love between the two, it was almost like they had been together all along. I knew Tiff would make a great wife, and after getting to know Shad, it was clear he was going to make a great husband as well.

These photos were actually a little bit last minute… Tiff had gotten so so busy with planning the wedding, teaching, and coaching track full time that she was unable to plan engagement photos any weekend.  Eventually I heard from Megan, the MOH, that Tiff was free two weekends before the wedding.  I contacted Tiff and told her I would love to take some photos for them and we set it up! I then met her and Shad at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville and snapped some pics and boy did we have a good time, the day was filled with laughter and lots of love. It was truly a beautiful afternoon with beautiful friends.

I hope y’all enjoy these photos! So happy for The Surbers and wish them years of love and happiness!


stunning1  stunning12stunning3stunning2 stunning7stunning8 stunning5 stunning4   stunning9 stunning11

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