Lane and Kelly

Lane and Kelly

Hello everyone!!!

I am pumped to be sharing these photos with you!  This was quite an exciting shoot, as I was asked by Lane and Kelly to travel to Houston and take their engagement pictures!

Now, Lane and I have been close friends for a while, he is a Razorback Track and XC Alumn and was my neighbor in college…which led to an adventure or two.  We always had so much fun in any situation, whether it was getting lost on a run or spending a day at the lake.  I was sad when Lane graduated and my running buddy/best friend left to take on the world in Houston.  But, I was super happy he was doing so well straight out of college!

It wasn’t long after Lane left that I had heard he had found himself a lady that he was pretty serious about.  I was super excited to meet Kelly and had no idea what to expect, I just knew she was a marathon runner and worked with Lane.  One of the first memories I have of Kelly would ensure that she was a keeper and would get along just fine with Lane’s Razorback family. About a year ago Lane was running a 10k race here in Arkansas (7:30 AM, 40 degrees out) and naturally was in the lead pack of guys… Kelly was on the sideline cheering Lane on with his Mom.  All the sudden it happened, in the last mile of the race, the lead car led the guys down the wrong path and they quickly made a hard/taxing 180 turn to get back on course! Kelly LIT UP (in a good way)… she was so mad at the officials, yelling and hollering to get them back in the right direction, knowing that a hard turn like that so late in the race is difficult to recover from… Her competitive and passionate spirit in that moment was so awesome (which fits in perfectly with us Razorbacks).  I thought, dang, what a bad ass chick!!  Since then she has continued to uphold bad ass chick status with a fun and outgoing spirit! I am happy and lucky to call Kelly a good friend of mine now!

Lane and Kelly, you two were just a joy to photograph.  The love and true passion y’all have for each other and life is infectious.  I am so excited to continue to watch your story unfold.

Hope you all enjoy!


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3 responses to “Lane and Kelly”

  1. Love these engagement photos, you did an amazing job! And I really like my daughter’s new “bad ass chick” status!


  2. Dear Kelly and Lane, What beautiful pictures! We know that you two are going to have a very happy, busy and exciting married life! We’re so happy to be around to share some of it with you!
    Much Love,
    Grandma and Grandpa Whitehead


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