Josh & Darian

Y’ALL! I am so pleased to be sharing these photos with you. Not only are they beautiful but this couple, Josh & Darian, mean a lot to me. Darian and I used to work in retail together in Montana. If you have ever worked in retail you know that your co-workers are what make or break the experience. Well, Darian made my experience so much more fun! We spent our days stocking shelves, laughing at inside jokes, and daydreaming about our weddings.

Josh & Darian ended up getting engaged while I was still living in Montana, I even photographed their engagement photos the week before moving away. They had their perfect wedding planned for June 2020… As you know COVID 19 hit in March 2020, leaving Josh & Darian no other choice than to postpone the wedding. After months of waiting for the pandemic to ease up they could not wait any longer. March of 2021 they had a small intimate ceremony & officially started their forever together.

Josh & Darian had hired (and paid!) a photographer for the wedding day. They figured even though it was going to be small wedding it was a BIG moment, which deserved to be documented. They photographer ended up ghosting the couple on the day of the wedding! This left them with just a few iPhone pictures to document the ceremony. I am sure you can tell where this is going by now… When I knew I was coming into town, I called Darian and asked if she would like to go out and do a “Wedding/Bridal” shoot while I was in town. Clearly the answer was YES and I couldn’t be any more excited to share this gorgeous couple with you all!

When it rains I always think of Darian and smile. She would always make it a point to celebrate the rain and the many plants that would grow afterwards. It was so fitting that during the photoshoot there was a light drizzle that would add a texture of affection to all of these pictures. Josh and Darian, I wish you two many rainy days, and I can’t wait to watch your love grow thereafter.



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