Jan & Susan – 50 Years!

Hey there, I am so excited to share these photos with you! Jan and Susan just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and I got the pleasure of photographing them out at their family farm. I usually write a little blurb here about the photo shoot, but I will let the photos speak for themselves on my part and share a little bit of Susan’s blog highlighting from their anniversary week.

Bullfrog Joy Blog, Susan VanArsdale:

“Good Morning! Oh so much joy in my heart this week. Saturday, August 13, will be our 50th wedding anniversary. WOW!!! That seems like a long time ago and yet not. Understand that feeling? It has been an AMAZING RACE, and we are not finished yet.

Fifty years is a long time, but we have known each other for much longer. Our amazing race actually began in first grade. Then in 4th grade we were put in the same classroom, even. In junior high, Jan says he liked me. I think he liked a couple other girls, but at that point neither of us really cared!”

“Our real beginning was on March 4, 1967, at Sandy’s party. A few of us girls got together, called some boys, and gathered at our friend’s house for some eats, dancing, and just a fun night. We were so surprised when Jan said he would come. He says “Basketball was over. I didn’t have anything better to do.” Do kids do that anymore?

We even went to college together. I applied first. He followed me! When we were sophomores he told me we couldn’t get married until we graduated from college, so…I went to summer school two summers, talked a pledge from my society into dropping a class so I could get in, and finished everything in three years, even student teaching. What a ride that was!”

“The summer of 1972! Those were the years of long hair (mine was down to my waist), long sideburns (Jan’s weren’t as long as some, but longer than now!), princess style wedding dresses, and receptions at the church rather than huge dinners. Another tradition was registering for china and flatware. We still use the silverware every day. The china we use maybe 3-4 times a year, but we have it. And if you were a 70’s bride your china pattern was from Noritake, white, silver trim, maybe a light pattern on the edge.

I thought about telling you all the secrets to staying together for 50 years. But for everyone it is different. What works for us, baseball and bicycles, doesn’t necessarily work for you. Be yourselves. Cry some, laugh more, be honest, love God together. That works. Jan says his purpose is to make me laugh. As long as we don’t try to do projects together or cook in the same kitchen, that works!!! And he eats most anything I set in front of him, even if it is terrible or the same thing over and over.

Oh my friends, “Ain’t love grand?” It’s not always pretty, but it is always grand. Tell me your story! Or at least your special claim to fame at your wedding.

Joy to you all this weekend. We should be home for the actual date. Maybe one more special meal out!!! Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea. Joy to you and me!”



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