Logan’s Grad Photos

After some delay because of my relocation, Logan and I finally found some time to take her senior photos this summer.  These photos are really special to me because not only are they of my best friend (who might as well be a model), but they also remind me of the 3 weeks we got to spend with each other this summer!

Logan, you have blossomed in to such an incredible young woman, and all of us lucky enough to be a part of your life, are so proud of you.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Thank you for all the great times this summer.  I hope these photos bring as big of a smile to your face as they do mine.


Lane and Kelly

Hello everyone!!!

I am pumped to be sharing these photos with you!  This was quite an exciting shoot, as I was asked by Lane and Kelly to travel to Houston and take their engagement pictures!

Now, Lane and I have been close friends for a while, he is a Razorback Track and XC Alumn and was my neighbor in college…which led to an adventure or two.  We always had so much fun in any situation, whether it was getting lost on a run or spending a day at the lake.  I was sad when Lane graduated and my running buddy/best friend left to take on the world in Houston.  But, I was super happy he was doing so well straight out of college!

It wasn’t long after Lane left that I had heard he had found himself a lady that he was pretty serious about.  I was super excited to meet Kelly and had no idea what to expect, I just knew she was a marathon runner and worked with Lane.  One of the first memories I have of Kelly would ensure that she was a keeper and would get along just fine with Lane’s Razorback family. About a year ago Lane was running a 10k race here in Arkansas (7:30 AM, 40 degrees out) and naturally was in the lead pack of guys… Kelly was on the sideline cheering Lane on with his Mom.  All the sudden it happened, in the last mile of the race, the lead car led the guys down the wrong path and they quickly made a hard/taxing 180 turn to get back on course! Kelly LIT UP (in a good way)… she was so mad at the officials, yelling and hollering to get them back in the right direction, knowing that a hard turn like that so late in the race is difficult to recover from… Her competitive and passionate spirit in that moment was so awesome (which fits in perfectly with us Razorbacks).  I thought, dang, what a bad ass chick!!  Since then she has continued to uphold bad ass chick status with a fun and outgoing spirit! I am happy and lucky to call Kelly a good friend of mine now!

Lane and Kelly, you two were just a joy to photograph.  The love and true passion y’all have for each other and life is infectious.  I am so excited to continue to watch your story unfold.

Hope you all enjoy!


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Shad and Tiffany Engagement Photos

Hey y’all! I have some amazing photos of an amazing couple to share.  These images are a little overdue considering these two are already hitched!!!

Tiffany and I met back in 2009, since day one she has been a joy to be around.  I am really lucky to have gotten the opportunity to know such a caring and pure person like Tiff. Last year when I got word that Tiffany had found “the one”, I was thrilled for her and thought, ‘This is one lucky guy!’ I eventually met Shad and it was clear to see the love between the two, it was almost like they had been together all along. I knew Tiff would make a great wife, and after getting to know Shad, it was clear he was going to make a great husband as well.

These photos were actually a little bit last minute… Tiff had gotten so so busy with planning the wedding, teaching, and coaching track full time that she was unable to plan engagement photos any weekend.  Eventually I heard from Megan, the MOH, that Tiff was free two weekends before the wedding.  I contacted Tiff and told her I would love to take some photos for them and we set it up! I then met her and Shad at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville and snapped some pics and boy did we have a good time, the day was filled with laughter and lots of love. It was truly a beautiful afternoon with beautiful friends.

I hope y’all enjoy these photos! So happy for The Surbers and wish them years of love and happiness!


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The Future Bartlett’s Engagement

I am really excited to share these pictures with you all!  Now, this project was a little different than any of my past photo shoots.  I was asked by Will, the groom to be, to come and take photos while he proposed to his lovely girlfriend, Ashton.  Of course I accepted the offer to be their photographer for the night.  It was the beautiful night of March 7th 2015, and Will had set up every little detail to surprise Ashton with the proposal of her dreams.  He made sure her nails were done, the balcony where he would pop the question was perfectly arranged, her family and friends were across the street waiting to celebrate, and I was there to capture the moment.

Waiting for the couple to arrive seemed to take forever and then before I knew it, they were there.  Will did not waste any time, he was so anxious to make Ashton his forever, after all he had been planning this moment for months.  Of course. Ashton said yes! The two of them were so locked into the moment that it was as if I wasn’t even there snapping pics.

There wasn’t a moment during this photo shoot that I hadn’t been smiling, watching these two take the first step into their entire lives together was beautiful. Their love for one another was beaming so bright that I feel lucky to have even witnessed, let alone, photograph such a pure moment. I  hope you two enjoy these pictures and can use them to forever reflect on the night of your proposal.

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Taylor and Wesley’s Engagement Shoot

I am truly elated to share these pictures with you all! Taylor and Wesley came into the Razorback’s world last year as Taylor transferred from The University of Pittsburgh to Arkansas.  Wesley, who also ran and graduated from Pittsburgh, came with Taylor.  A year and a half later the two got engaged!  Once again, by the luck of being a Razorback Track Alum, I was asked to take their engagement photos.

I had so much fun watching these two in the moment!  The love they have for one another is contagious and kept my heart warm for hours.

Thank you Taylor and Wesley for the great shoot!  I hope you enjoy these photos. I am so excited for you two as you all take on the world together!

TW4bTW6cTW7b TW3bTW1bTW5b    TW15cTW13Tay and Wes

Allen and Cali

December 2014

Cali and I have been friends since 2009! We have always had so much in common and I can never stop laughing when I am with her.  I was beyond excited when I heard that Cali had gotten engaged to Allen!  As if this news wasn’t enough, a couple of days later I was asked to take their engagement pictures!

Last Saturday (December 13th, 2014) Cali and Allen were in town for Cali’s Bridal Shower, couples date night, and for the engagement pictures.  Since I have known Cali for over 5 years now, I knew this would be an exciting day packed with lots of energy.  Allen, who I don’t know as well, was also excited for the photos (especially the ones with the firefighter gear).  The day was just as I expected, energetic, loving, and a blast.  It was great getting to know Allen even more and seeing these two interact.  The loving bond between these two is electric and it shows in the photos!

Congrats to Allen and Cali! I am excited for the wedding and to watch your loving relationship continue to blossom over the years to come.

IMG_2091 IMG_2139  IMG_22172 IMG_21792IMG_2198

Grace’s Graduation

Fall 2014

It was so much fun getting the chance to take Grace’s Senior pictures.  Grace and I have become very close over the past couple of years and I am super thankful for that.  She has an amazing heart to match that smile and eyes you see.  During the shoot we had our good friend Bekka come along for the ride, and she made sure to keep us laughing.  It was a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful friends, what more could a photographer ask for?!

Congrats to you, Grace, on graduation and finishing out your career as an Arkansas Razorback T&F/XC Athlete.  I am so proud of you and am excited to see what your future holds.  Good luck in grad school I know you will do great.


Matt and Paige

Matt and Paige-Winter 2014

There aren’t enough positive words in the dictionary to describe Matt and Paige as a couple.  I was lucky enough to get to take a few of their engagement photos.  They took photos to cover each season; a shoot in the summer, fall, and this was the winter session.  Watching these two interact and love one another was incredible.  They truly seem to get lost in the moment together, leaving my job of capturing beauty extremely easy.  Congratulations to Matt and Paige on their wedding this past July.

Future Heffron Family 001Future Heffron Family 008

Future Heffron Family 020Future Heffron Family 066    Future Heffron Family 075

Rachel’s Graduation Shoot

Rachel Spring 2014

Rachel, a wonderful friend and teammate, asked me to take pictures for her Graduation.  Of course, I said yes and we went out and took the photos the next day!  Taking pictures of Rachel was a special photo shoot for me.  Reflecting on our 4 year friendship and seeing how far she has come was inspiring.  Rachel is now at Dental School in Kansas City.  She is extremely dedicated and never gives up on her dreams.  I am beyond happy to have been a part of this milestone for Rachel in Graduating the University of Arkansas. I am excited for her future which, I am sure, it will be as bright as that smile.