Short & Sweet $1000

This package is perfect for shorter weddings that still want a full gallery of images that tell your unique story!

  • Up to 3 Hours Coverage
  • 100+ Edited Images
  • USB Drive Of Images
  • Blog Post With 50+ Images To Share
  • No Travel Fee Up to 150 Miles Round Trip

The Essential $2,000

This package covers all your essentials perfect for couples wanting to capture the essentials of their big day, from getting ready to the reception.

  • Up to 7 Hours Coverage
  • 300+ Edited Images
  • USB Drive Of Images
  • Blog Post With 50+ Images To Share
  • No Travel Fee Up To 200 Miles Round Trip

Fully Covered $3,000

The Fully Covered Package does just what it says, it covers your entire wedding from beginning to end! Perfect for the couple looking to get the most out of their wedding day!

  • Up to 10 Hours Coverage
  • 500+ Edited Images
  • USB Drive Of Images
  • Blog Post With 50+ Images To Share
  • No Travel Fee Up To 250 Miles Round Trip


$300 Non Refundable Deposit Fee is due when signing the contract to hold your date. That will be removed from your final total cost. Payment is due on the day of the wedding before any photos will be taken. If you wish to pay as you go, a new contract will be sent with updates on payments made and the remaining balance!


Travel will cost $.75 per mile driven over the package’s given travel allotment. If travel includes flying, the amount that is covered will be $.75 of the given mileage of the package selected, the rest is the clients responsibility to pay. The client will also be responsible for hotel fees for my stay at their wedding.


My editing style is meant to fit you! I work with all my couples to make their vision come to life. What that means is, we will chat about how you want your images to look, whether it be warm tones or cool tones, I will take your preference into consideration before editing.

Before each wedding I help my couple come up with the schedule that works for them inside a month from the big day. During this phone call we will also talk about any “must have photos” and go over what family pictures will be taken. This makes sure that we have a blueprint for what the day will look like & everyone is on the same page when the time comes to create memories.

You will have all rights to print and do what you please with your images. All of my images will be given back to you in a large file size. I also never put my watermark on my photos as I find it to be distracting and tacky, these images are about YOU and I would hate to get in the way of that.

I do ask that you tag me on Facebook or Instagram when you do post your photos. Again, these are about you, so a simple tag in the photo or on the bottom of the post will do!

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